Throughout civilization, fashion has evolved and gone back to older times. It has had many ups and downs, along with many controversies of appropriation and appreciation. But, there are some things we just are accustomed to by this point. What we forget though, is that there is always a story behind a creation. Below we have complied a list of 15 cultures, indigenous people and cultural history that created many fashion and beauty trends we see today.

Along with this list, you'll learn the truth about some myths or misconceptions. Or you'll just be wowed by where fashion trends have come from over the years.

Flower Cross-Stitch

Ukraine is making new fronts in the fashion industry. Especially recently, top designers have been taking the runways by storm with Ukrainian inspired fashion. Fashion designer Vita Kin of Vyshyvanka is one of many fashion designers using traditional embroidery patterns to create stunning tops, blouses, and dresses. And other designers are recreating traditional costume items into jackets.

You may see these patterns as a bohemian theme at festivals, concerts, or just on the street. But what you may not know is that these handcrafted patterns have been around for hundreds of years. Most Slavic cultures have a variation of the cross-stitch flower designs that Kin uses to create her masterpieces.


It is a controversial topic, but Aboriginal people in both Canada and the United States have contributed to fashion trends — even if they don’t approve of it all.

Aboriginal people in North America use distinctive colors, beadwork, designs and apparel, all of them with a different meaning. Even the patterns in the designs have meanings to their culture and beliefs.

Many knockoffs have hit the market from Urban Outfitters selling fluorescent feathered headdresses to H&M with their own variety of headdresses, but they haven't been accepted as fashion. Even top designers flaunt their work at Fashion Week shows across the world saying it's authentic art when it's really cultural appropriation

But, many people who don’t understand the meaning of the clothing they wear do enjoy it. A longtime favorite in colder countries like Canada has been mukluks, moccasins, and gauntlet mittens.